hand painted wearable art silk scarves by Morgan
My wearable art has been available online for more than seven years; I have been experimenting with
dyes and fabrics for more than three decades.
Strong, vivid color combinations are my specialty. I draw my design inspiration from natural forms and
the interplay between negative and positive space.
First and foremost, I am a painter. Each of my pieces of wearable art is an individual work of art on silk:
A painting that you can wear.

I use only the best quality silks.
Please visit each section to see chiffon and crepe silk wearable art in a variety
of sizes, weights, and prices. You can be sure that each piece is a signed,
original work that will not be duplicated.
I design and create each silk scarf, wrap, and necktie as a unique work of wearable art.
Contact me directly at: morgansilk@comcast.net or visit my shops on Etsy and ArtFire